Woven and Laminated Sack

Our Polypropylene Sack is made from construction polypropylene webbing and has a bottom seam. It offers excellent functionality and great versatility for packaging all types of products, depending on their composition, whether in powder or granular form. They are designed to maximize the protection of your bulk products from external factors. Our products are developed according to the needs of each of our customers in terms of size, weight (gms) and colors. They are highly resistant, reusable and have multiple uses. ♻


Woven sack, a traditional raffia sack used to pack, collect and store various products for the agricultural and manufacturing industries.

Laminate sack, a raffia sack protected with a polyethylene film that keeps products impermeable to pollutants and environmental factors.

  • Industries: agribusiness, mining, fishing and others
  • Agricultural commodities.
  • Sacks for packaging flour.
  • Sacks for waste and other mining products.
  • Sacks for construction aggregates.

Variety of products.
Available in different weights.
Different sizes.
Printed or unprinted sacks.
Sacks with or without gusset.
Sacks with out without pleats.
Sacks with or without UV protection.
Valved or non-valved sacks.

High quality printing.
Strong and durable.
Preserve products for longer periods of time.
They can be customized.
They may or may not be laminated.
Eco-friendly products.
They are excellent for printing full color graphics.

  • We are a Peruvian company with over 20 years experience in the textile industry.
  • We have 3 modern production plants that allow us to manufacture a wide range of products according to the needs of our clients.
  • Strong and durable industrial products with global reach and recognition.
  • ISO 9001 certified products.
  • Correct width and length measurements according to the technical data sheet.

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