Covertex Fabric

Covertex Fabric is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) tape coated on both sides with a polyethylene film and a high UV protection component. This fabric is characterized by being waterproof, resistant and heat sealable, the perfect solution to protect your products or spaces from sun, rain or dust.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Laminated on both sides
  • Anti-mildew
  • Heat-sealable
  • UV resistance


The Covertex Fabric is widely used in:

  • Protection fence.
  • Tents for storage.
  • Truck tarpaulin.
  • Van tarpaulin.
  • Construction tarps.
  • Protective covers for a variety of equipment.
  • Protection of roofs, patios, terraces, garages, sports fields, corrals, etc.

Roll: 4.00 m width x 100 m length
Roll: 4.00 m width x 50 m length
Roll: 2.00 m width x 100 m length

200 g/m2

Blue / Silver
Orange / Silver
Black / White

  • We are a Peruvian company with over 20 years experience in the textile industry.
  • We have 3 modern production plants that allow us to manufacture a wide range of products according to the needs of our clients.
  • Strong and durable industrial products with global reach and recognition.
  • ISO 9001 certified products.
  • Correct width and length measurements according to the technical data sheet.

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