Anti-Weed Fabric

The Ground Cover Anti-Weed Fabric has a porous polypropylene surface with a high UV protection component, reinforced with an ultrasonic edge that prevents the fabric from fraying. It is an effective and reliable solution for controlling weeds in crops. Our fabric has green lines running lengthwise for precise installation of the fabric and irrigation.

  • Provides plant roots with the right temperature for optimal development.
  • Good permeability to irrigation and rainfall, avoiding excessive moisture in the ridges.
  • It reduces the proliferation of weeds in the crop due to the absence of light (approximately 98%).
  • It significantly reduces herbicide use, resulting in healthier crops and lower costs for growers.
  • High breaking strength, good creep resistance and corrosion resistance.


Anti-Weed Fabric is widely used in:

  • Blueberry plantations.
  • Strawberry plantations.
  • Raspberry plantations.
  • Garden ornamentation.
  • Ground cover in garden centers and greenhouses.
  • Cultivation in open fields, greenhouses, macro and micro tunnels, etc.

100 g/m2
110 g/m2
120 g/m2
Upon request


  • We are a Peruvian company with over 20 years experience in the textile industry.
  • We have 3 modern production plants that allow us to manufacture a wide range of products according to the needs of our clients.
  • Strong and durable industrial products with global reach and recognition.
  • ISO 9001 certified products.
  • Correct width and length measurements according to the technical data sheet.

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