Tomato Twine

Tomato twine is mainly used for crop support, including tomatoes, cucumbers, and tomatoes. One of its main benefits is that it provides a physical support structure for the plant, keeping the stem firm and preventing it from leaning or collapsing, allowing it to grow better, more orderly and therefore stronger. It also prevents plants from falling due to wind or pathogen attack.


Tomato twines are mainly used for crop support:

  • For the heavy vegetable staking.
  • Banana bunch bag tying.
  • Bale tying.
  • Tying bales of forage.

Tomato Twine 2100 (used at the beginning of cultivation).
Tomato Twine 1575 (supports a considerable weight).
Tomato Twine 1050 (the thickest one we have).
The higher the number, the thinner the twine; the lower the number, the thicker the twine.

60 gr, 70 gr, 75 gr, 85 gr and 100 gr.
Upon request

Black, White and Orange.
Upon request

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